27 September 2009

The Husband

This is Dave (the husband). As a spouse of an FSO, I'll have a lot to say about the process, trials and tribulations, etc. And, yes, I am completely supportive of our newly-complicated lifestyle. It's going to be an adventure however we look at it, and I'm excited.

My background: B.A. in English Literature from Tufts, Master's Degree in Higher Education Administration technically from NYU, but most coursework was done at Harvard. After all of this, I'm a recruiter in Advertising, with inclinations leaning towards interactive media. I also have a good grasp on Project Management in the interactive space, but currently am using none of my professional skills (unless coordinating our move is considered PM). I'm a native Connecticutian (or Nutmegger, if you will), with a stint of 10 years in Boston where I picked up some bad speech habits - i.e. the Boston accent. This has been marred by 6 weeks in Buffalo in the last 2 months, where I picked up the long "a" common to the Midwest (it's easier, and well, I'm lazy).

I'll be posting here and there about our time in D.C., packing out, settling our affairs in the States for a long absence, etc. You know, the fun stuff. Both Joanne and I hope you find this blog useful (or even find it in the first place), informative, funny, and overall worth reading.

More updates to come soon.

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