25 October 2009

Childproofing your Oakwood Apartment

If you're like us and have a small, active, and adventurous child, you'll want to take note of the issue with the balconies here. We're up on the 7th floor, and it's a long way down. When we first saw the balcony, both of us agreed that the space in between the railings was just a hair too wide. One trip to Home Depot later (and a hell of a headache while there - trying to determine the best method), we made it almost impossible for the wee lad to propel himself off the balcony to certain death.

Keep it in mind when you come to Oakwood with your infant/toddler. Better safe (and ugly as sin) than sorry.


1 comment:

Empress Al said...

So what, pray tell, IS the mystery material that y'all used. Cuz it looks like saran wrap to me. I was prepared to believe it is, but Cooper has an inquiring mind and wants to know.